The solar plumber Clayton for your eco-friendly renovation

NLK Plumbing is proud to contribute to a greener future by being strong supporters of solar energy. Solar water heaters are a brilliant switch, and you will notice the savings after the first bill. Of course, NLK Plumbing is also dedicated to providing some of the most energy efficient products of all types, from water heater to shower heads and low pressure faucets. If you think that it’s time to reassess your water usage, then ask for the informative advice from NLK Plumbing. Our premium plumber Clayton will give you all the advice you need for your plumbing project.

Keep an emergency plumber in Clayton on hand for those big troubles

NLK Plumbing employs emergency professionals to have on hand to deal with those urgent situations. These plumbers are not sent out to fix leaking taps or repair hot water systems. These plumbers are there to come running in the event of a burst kitchen pipe in the middle of the night. They work efficiently and professionally to deliver high quality work that meets the NLK standards, all in record time. We want to let you get back to bed and think that it was all just a bad dream in the morning.

We’ll have your drains cleared in no time at all

We are the name to rely on in the event of blocked drains in Clayton. If you are bamboozled by the cause of your blocked drain, then we will come and find the solution. Better yet, we will explain the problem and our plumbing processes to you in easy to understand terms. Too often tradespeople visit a property only to get the job done and leave without a moment’s concern for the customer. A big part of customer service is our ongoing commitment to you, not just what happens while we are on site and face to face. For this reason, we will teach those tips and tricks that will ensure your drains remain unblocked for good.

What you don’t know about hotwater systems

Did you know that solar can provide up to 90% of your hotwater needs in Clayton? Discover the wonderful world of solar power for your home. It is no surprise that so many homes have jumped on the bandwagon of installing solar panels in their homes. The rise in popularity, largely due to government rebates, has driven down the prices in a competitive market. The result is an array of solar products to suit any budget, ensuring everyone can easily do their part for the environment.

Get in touch with the NLK Plumbing team today and you will never stress about your plumbing problems again. Being a local team, we are only a short distance away and will come immediately following your call. Experience the reassurance and trust that customers of NLK plumbing feel. You can reach us on 0404 803 333 or Contact NLK South East Plumber where you will be put in touch with a member of our talkative team. From there, we can discuss your urgent plumbing problem or upcoming plumbing project.

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