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NLK Plumbing is excited to provide our customers with access to the best in the plumbing business. When you need a licensed plumber Chadstone to tackle your water, gas or electric issue, then we are the ones to call. Over fifteen years ago, this family owned business first got up and running. We have maintained our commitment to service and quality over all these years, and from your first time meeting us you will see that authenticity and sincerity shining through. Give us a call if you’re thinking about switching plumbers on 0404 803 333.

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After you experience the first rate service of our team first hand, you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to find us. We take great pride in providing a more personalized service compared to our competitors. While of course the quality of work is a priority, we emphasise the importance of offering genuine advice and delivering our services with a smile. Notice the difference of the NLK Plumbing team and give us a call on 0404 803 333.

We can work our magic on your blocked drains

NLK Plumbing does such a great job on blocked drains in Chadstone because of our highly talented staff and our advanced, specialist equipment. If your drains are proving particularly difficult, then we will use our drain cameras to get a better look at the situation. This allows us to be confident in our diagnosis of the problem and ensure that we apply the best possible solution. Watch our experienced team as they effortless locate and fix your blocked drain.

We can offer you advice on hotwater accessories in Chadstone

For example, had you considered purchasing a heat pump? This simple device heats up as much water as you need, ensuring that it doesn’t waste energy while still giving you access to instant hot water whenever you need it. This means no waiting for the shower to heat up’ just turn on the tap and step straight in! Are you looking for a better hot water recovery speed? We sell and install all ranges of hot water systems and accessories, from the biggest brands to some lesser known models that we know perform well. If your system is not running as normal, then it may need a service. Our team in Chadstone will take a look for you.

Allow the team at NLK Plumbing to restore your household plumbing to optimal condition. Whether you’ve got a leak, your pipes are old and rusty, or you’ve got a more confusing set of symptoms, we are always ready to find the best solution for you and convert you to a loyal customer. We enjoy great positive word of mouth form our customers as a result of us never leaving anyone dissatisfied. We would love to take your call and hear all about your plumbing needs on 0404 803 333 or Contact NLK South East Plumber.

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